Shooting stills in a sound recording

It's been a little while since the last blog post, and it's usually the first thing to be put on hold when times get busy, so here's my quick redemption, a quick post on shooting stills for the band 'Drawn From Bees' during a sound and video recording session. Being a fly on a wall during a days worth of recording comes with a few prerequisites, firstly keeping absolute quite, secondly.. keeping absolute quite and thirdly, get the frames you need in the second just after they yell "Cut" and before everyone drops their weapons and takes 5. Mix that with low lighting for video and keeping your distance as to stay out view from the video cameras, and your dealing with a lot of camera shake, shutter speeds slower than your Monday-itus, and a lot of grain. 

Going pretty light gear-wise for the day, I shot with a mix of 17-35's, prime 50's, a 70-200mm lens and converse shoes for sneaking. We also blocked out a bunch of doors which were in video camera view, and as I've come to learn, keeping a bunch of black sheets and steel framed floppy cutters in the car can be very handy. 

Below are a few out-takes from the day. Keep an ear out on the radio as they're pretty frequent on the airways. 

Your Pal,
The Black Bee