Prints that change with light direction... gad zooks!

Ok so we've all heard of many common types of printing for special effects such as lenticular (that print we had on our tarzo's when we were young that change the picture depending on the viewing angle), though now there's a new type being developed which reacts with the light around it, presenting the appearance of a 3D shape to the viewer. 

This isn't likely to be available to the consumer for sometime, though the possibilities this brings to the table are pretty ground breaking, and begins to further explore the multi-media field we're seeing in the use of content as the lines blur between traditional output and augmented.

Want something to talk about around the water cooler? I'd check this out!

note: video content and thumbail property of University of California.

Shooting stills in a sound recording

Shooting stills in a sound recording

It's been a little while since the last blog post, and it's usually the first thing to be put on hold when times get busy, so here's my quick redemption, a quick post on shooting stills for the band 'Drawn From Bees' during a sound and video recording session. 

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