About Steve

Steve's a professional commercial photographer based out of Brisbane, Australia, with a past career in architecture, a 'healthy' addiction for coffee and a hankering for Swedish rock, Steve shoots advertising and commercial commissions, ranging from lifestyle to industrial. With his history in the architectural industry, Steve’s commercial work specialises in large scale buildings & industrial work, as well as photographing smaller boutique residential designs.  

His advertising work is location based and enjoys lifestyle and photographing people in their environment.

With an ever growing list of clients, Steve's been fortunate enough to work with great teams ranging from national and international brands, banks, government, developers abroad, tech manufacturers and various architectural firms & contractors.

For industrial/commercial work, a risk mitigation and safe work method can be prepared if required. ie heights work, securing equipment/lighting, working in sensitive/ high risk environments.

Based in Brissy, and working nationally.


Please give us a call to discuss your project as rates can vary depending on scale, location & complexity.